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Photography is my hobby. I mostly use my mobile and also use Handycam camera and DSLR. I have almost tried all kinds of photography like, Architectural, Candid, Nature, Night shots, Silhouette, Food, Sunrise and Sunset, Wildlife, Flora and Fauna, Panaromas, Sports and Action, Portraits, Macro, Newborn, Selfies and much more. Thanks to my brother-in-law Ganesh for creating interest in Photography. 

Not a day passes without using my mobile camera. I take a lot of candid photos with my Handycam and a lot of silhouettes using my mobile camera. Love to use DSLR for some great teleshots and portraits. 

I am also proud and happy to host a separate page for my daughter Ramya in this gallery where her photography and videography skills are showcased. Please click here to visit..

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