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Ramyas Photography & Videography

I have great pride and pleasure to present to you all the interest which my daughter Ramya has in Photography and Videography. She always had an eye for photography from her childhood days and hence used to playaround with the camera in my mobile.


She also loves to film home videos using my handycam. Her interest in this field grew significantly keeping in pace with the developments in digital technology. She started to take a lot of photos and videos and eventually started editing them as well.  Her experiments with DSLR camera and 4K cameras were quite interesting. In this page you can also see her allied skills displayed in different galleries.


You can also read a very interesting blog about her in my blog site which probably gives some insight on her other traits.

Ramyas Videography & Editing

When the Covid pandemic shook the whole world in 2020, there were livelihoods that were affected. One such category of workers was these sanitary workers who could not abstain from their daily duty. Following is a short documentary shot by Ramya which tries to express their difficulties. She shot this using a 4K Handycam and later edited it.

Ramyas Photo editing & Creative designing

She takes a good interest in editing photos either in Photoshop or other mobile apps. She designs her own school labels, posters, birthday greetings, and other ad-hoc requirements according to her taste.

Ramyas Artwork

Like father, like daughter....yes she does have an interest in paintings and sketchings. She is good at shading and coloring and is keener in using vibrant colors in her artworks. Presented here are some of her works...

Also, visit my son Raagav's art gallery (Ramya's brother) who seems to be showing some good interest in pencil sketching.

Ramyas Cooking

She is very passionate about cooking. She is not afraid in trying out a new dish if she is impressed by the looks. Yes, she is not a foodie to taste varieties but loves to cook and photograph them.