1st Anniversary of my motherநினைவு தினம்: I have written a kavidhai (poem) and presented in an audio visual format in commemoration of my mothers 1st year anniversary. In this I have expressed my heartfelt emotions in a near colloquial Tamil. 

Dedication for my mother: This poetry is a dedication for my mother on her 80th birthday. I presented this long kavidhai (poetry) during a surprise party hosted for her. Here I have expressed my feelings from my childhood till her 80th birthday and the long and wonderful travel I had with her. I have infact encompassed her entire association with me in this narrative which won a lot of hearts.

Thaayin Niraivera Kanavu: Means unfulfilled dream of my mother. Yes, this kavidhai (poetry) was written and compiled by me just after my mothers death. She always keep talking to me about her final wishes and in this narration, I have revealed that one dream which was unfulfilled when she passed away. This poem also gives a complete visualization of the incidents which happened on her last day in this world.

Oru Velai Soru: Means "One meal atleast for a day". An incident which simply grabbed my attention while I was on a shopping visit to one of the busiest places in Chennai, India. It was the glimpse of a poor girl who was cared for lunch by her drunkard father on the pavement. This incident made me stop there for a while and gaze at the two to understand their unique relationship and gestures.

50th Birthday Poetry:  I wrote this tamil kavidhai for my cousin sister Usha, who was turning 50 years. Again this Audio visual of the poetry was my surprise gift to her. She enjoyed it very much as did the others.

Kavidhai dedication for my grandmother: Yes, she is called as KOPA which stands for KOdambakkam PAati. I owe all my upbringing and discipline to this lady who was the pillar of support for our family when my father died at a young age. This was again presented in front of all my family members during a gathering.

Nadaipaathai Biriyani: Means "Footpath Biriyani". This was another incident which shocked me badly. While taking a walk from my workplace down a busy road, I saw an incident in the footpath which has been narrated in this poem. A very heart wrenching scene expressed in few tamil words to the best of my ability.

Naan Kanda Deepavali: Means "The Deepavali which I witnessed". I was living in a rented house which was next to a slum area. During the festive season Deepavali, there was much fanfare whole of India. What I witnessed that particular day made me to come up with this tamil poem which is of some social significance.

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