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LOGJAM – A chronic disease which needs to be eradicated.

Oh! What a shame?

The Pride of India is being put to acid test in the parliament almost daily during this monsoon session. Our parliamentarians are displaying no remorse for their shameless act in the parliament disrupting the most valuable time of the Government. Ever since the monsoon session of the parliament started on the 21st of July 2015 no day has been productive so far till date (03/08/15). In fact to put it in blatant terms all our MP’s are having a prolonged break.


After the recent death of our former President Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, there were huge numbers of messages floating around in the social media proudly sharing his powerful quotes and recounting the incidents which took place just before he collapsed. One such message carried the news that Dr.A.P.J just before taking on the podium told the hosts that he is going to pose a challenging question to the students on “How could we bring an end to the LOGJAM happening in our parliament”. Well, I am not sure how authentic that news was but it certainly is a big loss for India when we realize that the man who made India strong through his space research and missile technology could also have found a solution to this chronic LOGJAM disease if only he was alive.

Logjam in Parliament

Tribute to such a great man who loved the nation does not mean that all the big guns attend his funeral and return back to the capital and exhibit some awful conduct by not allowing the parliament session to go through. TIME is MONEY, and if this simple fact is being ignored and ridiculed by our representatives in the capital, then I guess we should all feel ashamed to be silent spectators.

This blog is certainly not to induce or incite a revolt against the government, but it is certainly a heartfelt condolence to our democracy. Well I honestly feel handicapped seeing the same drama unfolding each and every day, yet we could do nothing to bring some order in the most esteemed constitutional body of India. If two issues be it trivial or significant (Vyapam and Lalit Modi) could stall the entire proceedings of the government and inflict such a big loss to our economy why not this blog incite and induce all the citizens of this great country to come up with some cure to this eternal disease and eradicate it once for all from this holy land. We need to bear in mind that the moral and monetary loss and damage caused by the above two scandals is only getting multiplied by the number of days the parliament is not able to function.


Rest of the days in this session till August 13th seems to be very bleak and I really wonder who is going to take the onus?

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