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Kids being drugged – Next level of crime in Chennai, India

One of the top crime incident in Chennai, India

Yet did not get the TOP attention in the media.

Innocent kids are being drugged through one of their most enticing edible products which is the CHOCOLATE.

I can hear you asking…….Why do you want to add any drug to this already addictive chocolates?

Attractive & Addictive Chocolates

Attractive & Addictive Chocolates

Yes, poor kids and even the adults are slowly coming to grips about this next level of crime which has just unfolded in Chennai, India recently. Just sparing the arrest of a few of the culprits there is not much media attention and protest about this most horrendous crime.

As a citizen of this country, I am still not able to contemplate on this incident. This kind of act to me is yet another form of corruption which has become an incurable disease. Well, if these kind of activities could not be eradicated from the system, I feel that we should embrace it as a constitutional right and frame some guidelines and rules for corruption. This way we at least would have some law, guidelines, etc and possibly some punishment for any violation.



This recent incident of drug-laced chocolates is such a brutal act of crime against the innocent kids and the hard-working parents. These parents already have a big struggle to make the ends meet and provide their family with a decent food and living. Now they have been deceived by the Food Safety department which has allowed these kind of imports or locally made chocolates to be on sale without any quality check.

What were the concerned authorities doing?

Who are all involved in this shameful act?

How long has this been going on and how far it has spread?

Why are these governing bodies not pro-active? 

Holding candle light vigil for people who are sacrificing their lives or compensating the affected victims can only bring a temporary solace. The Government should be very tough in adhering and enforcing the guidelines framed for Food Safety and protect its citizens from any outright breaches like this. Also the punishment for these offenders should be very severe irrespective of whether they are officials or criminals.

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