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I could not sleep with my wife!

First day! First Show! Blockbuster Movie! Enthralling experience! Fantabulous Movie! Acclaimed by the Critics!

All these superlatives were put to rest on 1st of May 2015 when a bunch of reckless and irresponsible people mainly the producers of the blockbuster movie “Uttama Villain – உத்தம வில்லன்” decided to release the movie which was already embroiled in a lot of controversy. Well, I am cocksure that including KamalHassan, the pompous producers (Thirrupathi Brothers and Raaj Kamal Films International ) of the movie were certainly anticipating some trouble in the movie release and yet went ahead and proudly published the release of the movie to be on the 1st of May. Either they presumed that all the movie goers or the fans of KamalHassan are brainless or took us for granted and decided to spoil our day.

Uttama Villain Release Date

Uttama Villain Release Date

Well, it all started with me booking tickets for the first day, first show of the movie with my family. (For first time readers of my blog please read for you to get some background on my distress)

First Day, First Show

Uttama Villain – Crowd waiting outside the theatre

The show was at 8am in a class B kind of a theatre and we hurriedly reached the theatre at 7:25am. Whisking our way inside I could see atleast 4 TV cameras on the tripod and a lot of big banners of Kamal adorning the walls of the theatre. Fans were scattered everywhere on the main road simulating a festive atmosphere and grabbing the attention of every passerby. There was obviously a lot of hustle and bustle amidst which we were eagerly waiting for our turn to get into the theatre. Suddenly to our dismay we heard the news that the first show has been cancelled for some reason. Situation was slowly turning a bit volatile and bleak at the same time. Fans started griping about the disorganized management of the film producers  (Thirrupathi Brothers and Raaj Kamal Films International) and the theatre owners. Information was trickling in that the movie is not likely to be released that day due to some unresolved disputes between the producers and the distributors.

Fans of KamalHassan

Disgruntled Fans of KamalHassan

It was indeed very disappointing and all our anger was shifting towards Kamal and the producers (Thirrupathi Brothers and Raaj Kamal Films International) of the movie. If there was a wrangle which was brewing in their own backyard, why did they first of all announce the release of the movie with so much of fanfare? This was the voice of the furious and disgruntled crowd who was slowly losing patience and interest in the movie. I for one, was very angry and fought a futile attempt to get my money refunded. Police came in full force to disperse the protesting fans when I had no intention to exhibit any heroism. A call came from my friend asking if I was interested in 4 tickets for the 11am show in a class A kind of theatre. The momentary anger in me subsided immediately and I was back on my wheels with my family to the other theatre with the hope of watching the movie finally (had to change costume in-between for the class A theatre).

Uttam Villain

Uttam Villain

After all the hassle, we reached the theatre on time with not even an iota of doubt whether the show will go on or no?. Yes, the usher in the entrance greeted us with a smile and said “Sir, the 11am show has been cancelled and we are not certain on the prospects of the movie being screened for the day”. It was indeed a big setback again. The crowd / fans here were pretty decent and well-organized than the film producers. They displayed their anger and inconvenience by simply occupying a screen and staging a protest. The police presence was huge here and to my surprise a lot of senior ranking police officials were present for the mediation. The security personnel outside the sieged screen stopped me from entering until I showed my true color by venting out my frustration at them.   Then I was cautiously allowed inside to see the ardent fans who were engaged in an outright verbal dispute with the theatre management and insisting that the movie “Uttama Villain” to be screened at any cost. It was a do or die situation for the theatre management and no doubt they would have cursed the film producers Thirrupathi Brothers and Raaj Kamal Films International)  including Kamal for this big disaster.

Stood there in vain for a while and came out to update my family on the situation. Bumped on a bunch of senior police officers and casually asked them what was happening and if they had any official news on the event unfolding. One of them replied that “The theatre owner and the producers should bloody be whipped for this situation”. Another senior police man remarked at me and said “Sir, how come you people have time for all this? I do not have time to even sleep with my wife, but you people are able to hop from one theatre to another for the sake of a movie”. Though it was a blatant statement by that policeman, it still keeps reverberating in my ears.

I finally made up my mind not to see this movie in the theatre. Also somebody justly remarked that all the fans should totally boycott this movie by not going to the theatre since Kamal has ditched all his fans in a big way. If Kamal and the producers think that they are the big guns we the fans and the common public are no way in short of them because we also have time and TIME IS MONEY for all.

Kamal, no doubt will have to take absolute responsibility to this fiasco and come out in public with the facts and start valuing the feelings of thousands and thousands of his fans. He certainly was a villain to a lot of his fans on the 1st of May 2015.

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