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Fruit poisoning – King of Fruits

How are fruits being artificially ripened in Chennai, India


“Mangoes” the word itself makes a majority of them go craving for it. The colors and shapes of mangoes makes it even more attractive for people to consume as and when they see one. If you are pondering why I have not talked about the most important characteristic feature of mango which is the “SMELL”, I certainly have some justifications.

My mom is a very fond eater of mangoes and so am I. Off late she discourages me from eating mangoes because of the many news articles which floats around about artificial ripening. Yes, it is indeed true and very scary to know the facts about this concept of fruits being ripened artificially through the use of cancerous chemicals like CALCIUM CARBIDE.

Consumption of calcium carbide, known to be cancer-causing, has other terrible health implications that can negatively affect skin, kidneys, heart and liver, and causes ulcer and gastric problems. “Industrial grade” calcium carbide contains arsenic and phosphorous. This is highly dangerous for those consuming it and also those handling it. It can not only cause cancer, ulcer and other ailments but also severely impede neurological functions.

With such a looming disaster in front of our eyes, we the citizens of India feel very handicapped and succumb to the greedy and evil commercial vendors who sells these POISON to us without any concern for the health and safety. The irony here is that we feed these poison to our own families and friends with a big neglect for the consequences we would face in the near future.

The big question is that what is the State and Central Government doing to eradicate this vicious practice.

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