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A unique condition I suffer from – Revelation soon



Seven (7) years back, I vividly remember the day. It was a very pleasant morning. Rays from the sun slowly passed through the window curtains and gave me a warmth feeling. Woke up and geared up for what the day was to unfold. Getting my daughter ready for the school was a joint exercise myself and my wife did each morning which is a nostalgia when I think about it now. Infact I have written a blog on My daughters (Ramya) first day at school which could give you some insight on what I am alluding to….

Father and Daughter all set for the morning drive in my sporty Mirage. Work and school starts at 8 am and hence we were in synchrony in timing. My little daughter was always expecting a lot from me and I never disappointed her during those 20 minutes’ drive. Like a DJ in the club, I was constantly playing her favorite songs. I would even excite her by revving up my engine now and then to create an illusion of speeding like a super hero. Sometimes I switch on to the roller-coaster drive mode where I used to stamp on the clutch unnecessarily to create that jerky effect. She enjoyed every bit of it.

Bye, bye…… she said happily and ran to her class and I stepped into my office 14 minutes later. I could never forget that day in my life when…..

I will be coming up with my complete blog on this. Maybe it will take some time. But my main objective here is to create an awareness among you all on this and not for any other reason.

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