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The life of Jagan, Gugan & Magan

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

On a busy Monday morning in my house, I witnessed all the monotonous activities as in most houses all around the world. The hustle and bustle on the first day of the week definitely had all the hallmarks of two robotic machines running crisscross inside the living room. Well, It was not me and my wife who were assisting our kids in their routine, but instead it was the kids themselves who were preparing for school and college.

My daughter left the house first, followed by my son. He rubbed some sanitizer on his hands after he took his shoes from inside the shoe rack (closed cupboard type) and bid bye to me and my wife. After a couple of hours, I left for work, leaving my wife to continue with her daily routine.

My wife started her household chores and kept herself busy thereafter. In the interim, I gave her a call around noon and got some updates on the happenings in general. A few hours passed by, and I was back home in the evening. Strangely enough, I was given a warm welcome by my wife and daughter at the entrance of our house with a cryptic smile on their face. I could visibly see some overwhelming anxiety on their faces, but poor me, I could not guess the cause of it.

I did sense that something was fishy, as they were observing me so closely. But, quickly I suspected if they were actually checking on me if I was placing my shoes back in the shoe rack. I not only disappointed them by placing my shoes inside the shoe rack but I also did disappoint them in their core motive as well. Therefore, I was asked to open the shoe rack again and have a closer look at the bottom rack. In doing so, I instantly was thrown a few feet behind. Yes, what I saw inside took me by absolute surprise. But swiftly I switched my thought to how my wife would have reacted when she first discovered that mind-blowing sight.

Yes, that was the first time ever we had seen three so tiny cute kittens inside the closed shoe rack. The triplets could barely open their eyes, and therefore making their characteristic meow sound was a big ask for them. Then on, we all got excited and started feeding their mom and kept a close vigil on the shoe rack. All of us behaved as if we were cat whisperers trying to interpret their behavior but we only got amused by their intelligence every time we watched them.

Three cute kittens

Curious trio

Shoe rack cleared and exclusive access given

My wife promptly named the trio Jagan, Gugan, and Magan. All three had some unique prints on their forehead, which helped us to identify them by their name.

Our favorite among them was Jagan who also happens to be the hero of this story. (the guy in the middle)

Jagan, the hero of this story is seen in the middle

While watching them grow for a couple of weeks, one day my son returning from school came inside the house shouting that the trio was missing from their hideout. Though it was shocking for all of us, we gradually came to terms that nature has taken its course and we are not exempted from that.

Jagan and Gugan used to frequent our house and visit their birthplace, but there was no sight of Magan though. We probably assumed that someone would have taken him away because he was also really cute.

Jagan trying to sneak into the house

One weekday, while we were watching our favorite movie Vikram (a Tamil blockbuster), I could distinctly hear Jagan calling us. For a change it was not from the front of our house, instead, it was from the side wall of our living room. I promptly opened the windows to check, and to our shock, Jagan was seen stuck in the lintel between the 9th and 10th floors. He was certainly petrified seeing himself in that precarious situation. All our attempts to pacify him turned futile immaterial of the acquaintance we had with him.

Jagan is stuck in the lintel

Petrified Jagan watching me in despair

The next day at dawn, the first thing we did was went to the terrace to see Jagan. After spotting him from the terrace, frantically we called for support from our apartment staff to rescue him. The place he got stuck was not conducive enough for us to attempt a human descent to pick him up. Therefore we tried different techniques in vain to somehow pull him up. I and my wife were upset about the fact that he did not listen to us and take the exit route which we provided for his safety.

This ordeal or operation “RESCUE JAGAN” went on for three full days, making him even more famous amongst all the residents in our apartment. Every household was inquiring about the status of his rescue. Meantime, we kept up our efforts by talking to him from our window frequently. I even tried some unconventional, yet very hopeful rescue methods to bring him back to safety. During those three days, he was fed through a makeshift plate that had some biscuits and milk lowered to him from the terrace. After very prudent advice from one of our senior residents, we hanged a rope ladder from the terrace that evening as a last resort.

To our pleasant surprise, the following morning his agonizing meow sound was missing. Immediately we knew that nature has taken its course again. Yes, Jagan had made his way up to safety at last. The same evening, he was at our doorstep and his gestures were as if he was symbolically expressing his gratitude to us for the rescue attempt and the constant vigil we had on him.

Jagan visited our house the same day to express his gratitude

All of us felt so good and relieved at the happy ending of this JAGAN ordeal and it was so cute to see him reunited with his brother Gugan at last.

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