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A good Samaritan

Honking horns, bustling traffic, curious bystanders, unscrupulous pedestrians, most reckless auto rickshaws and the daredevil motorbike riders are the common characteristics of the road for an Indian driver driving to work or driving back home everyday.

Imagine you are stuck in the middle of this traffic

Chennai Traffic

I experienced just the same on the 4th of March 2015 evening when I was driving back home after a busy day at work. Enjoying the newly released audio of Uttama Villain I was cruising at a top speed of 10 km/h. With the red signal in front of me, there were hundreds of vehicles both in the front and the back of my car. I got my car in neutral and put the hand brake to relax my feet and leg a bit to avoid DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). To my shock the engine went off and the panic button in me was turned on. Frantically I tried to start the car but it would not even crank. Right in the middle of the most busiest road I became very worried and nervous. I immediately activated the hazardous signal or the double blinkers as some might call it.

Looking at my distress the driver of the car to the left of me was telling his passengers that I am in some trouble. Having noticed this I immediately lowered my glass and asked the guy what could be wrong and instantly he replied saying that the battery could be the issue and if you push start it should work. Well, that sounds good. But where is the space to push and start in such a place where every vehicle goes at a bumper to bumper distance? Mind you this is one of the most busiest roads (100 feet road) in Chennai.  Time was ticking and the signal turned green and the vehicles passing me were either ignorant of my situation or belligerent about me parking in the middle of the road and started cursing at me and honking at me. Guy who was just right behind my car was badly upset because he was too close to my car as if trying to have a lip-lock with my car.

Soon everyone around me left and I was stuck in the middle. There came a person suddenly and helped me to push the car aside and asked me to get the help of a few more people and push start the car when the road is conducive to do so. Guess what? The driver who was to the left of me while I was stuck was the person who came for help at that crucial point of time. Hats of to that GOOD and GREAT SAMARITAN who saved me from a very big hassle. This shows that there are people who are so kind and so helpful and we have to get positively influenced by these kind of gestures and incidents and make up our mind to help others in dire situation.

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