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Pastel Art

After nearly 20 years...I just got to do some serious art work. And what better medium to explore than the PASTEL PENCILS. During the pandemic in 2020, my son developed a sudden interest in pencil sketching and produced some wonderful artworks. Inspired by him, I had a secondary thought of why not I give him an opportunity to see how I do my sketching and portraits. 

Well it turned out to be a good experience for my family to watch me reveal my artist skills and work LIVE in front of them.  I had purchased the SKIN TONE pencils by MONT MARTE atleast a decade back. Just gave it a try to see how it will turn out. Fortunately, it came out good.

I have posted the making of some of these portraits and sketching in my KNOWHOW page for your interest. Please click here to see them...

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