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Raji Mehandi Aishu Wedding Jan 2022.jpeg

I am fond of anything which has the interpretation of ART attached to it. I have done Mehandi for a lot of girls. The photo you see here is the work I did on my wife's hand.

Perfection in this art is achieved only by practice. Ingredients used to make this special mixture which is mostly herbal, also plays a big role. Not to forget the cone which is exclusively made for this with the fine nozzle at its tip.

A fine art which is authentically Indian and no event in India is complete without mehandi. Even men used to get mehandi done on their hands as it is part of our tradition.

It is indeed worth watching the experts doing this commercially which will make you to ponder if this is such a easy thing to do. Try it for yourself and see how messy it can become.

This art form also has some medicinal importance if done in a proper way. I still practice this art on anyone who wishes to spare their palm to me.

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