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Janam Dhin Shayiri (Poetry)Raja
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Janam Dhin Shayiri: Means "A birthday poem" in Hindi. This audio compilation of poem was done for my wifes birthday as a surprise. Though I have written a lot of poems in Hindi, this one came out really well. I released this poetry to my wife in front of a big audience who were simply cheering her while I was reciting. Every year I send this audio to her on her birthday and she feels on top of the world.

Jism hei Meri : Means "This is my body".  This is a hindi poetry (Shayiri) which I wrote after reading a news article in one of the newspaper. This news affected the whole of India and what prompted me to write this poetry and compile this AV was a very sensitive and impactful sentence uttered by my wife while we were riding on our bike. She asked me "Who has the right to touch a female's body". That sentence was so powerful enough to inspire me to write this poem. Sexual abuse should not be tolerated and should be condemned and punished by all. There is definitely a social message to all in this poem. 

I have infact written a lot of poetries in Hindi in various topics and some of them are Mera Ajeeb Dhost, Koya hua dhil, Un Khoob surat ankhen, Vho narmi haathen, Pyar Kya hei?, Deepavali, and more. Soon I shall compile a Audio visual on them and publish it here.

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