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What next? – A man who inspired the whole nation!


I have so much to write about this great personality, yet nothing to write because the media has said it all in various forms. The press is simply overwhelmed with the tributes and condolences for this great citizen of India to whom any title would only belittle him. If you think anybody can be as simple as Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam in this modern world, you need not even think beyond him. Simply there is only one A.P.J.

We have celebrated him many times for all his achievements and felt proud of us being an Indian citizen during his presidency period during 2002 – 2007. I have been listening to a lot of fond memories from various personalities recollecting their precious moments with the Late. Dr.A.P.J. It only makes me to ponder if somebody could create such an enormous impact in the whole of India.


I have seen a lot of celebrities die in the past and even recently a great music genius Mr. M.S.Viswanathan who was celebrated like a god by the music fraternity and the Tamil people worldwide. Certainly these departed souls have left a legacy behind and even I have felt quite emotional when I hear the contribution made by them to our society. Though I feel emotional for the demise of Dr.A.P.J somehow a feeling of pride overcomes my emotion when I see the way India is celebrating the life of this gentlemen. I have never seen a common man conducting a candle light vigil for any personality even though many of them have given them a lot of tangible asset in the form of music, cinema, sports etc.

I did see flocks of people congregated all through the journey from my work to home standing in front of big banners with the charming face of Dr. A.P.J and people expressing their deep sorrow and respect by lighting candles and standing in silence with stagnant tears in their eyes. Simply moved by this, I thought I should atleast register this blog on his memory and humbly claim this to be a tribute to him.

Tribute to Abdul Kalam

I heard the Director of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) recollecting his experience with Dr.A.P.J. He was in all praise about the late President and simply summed it up by saying that it was only because of APJ that we are able to proclaim to the world on our prowess in the Space research, Missile technology, Mission to the Moon and Mars. He was very proud in saying that US could achieve a mission to the Mars only after 4 failed attempts and so was Russia which succeeded only after 8 attempts. But with APJ’s brain we were able to succeed in the first attempt. He told that APJ would always ask him “What Next?” which was one thing which inspired him a big way. 

A man with a noble road map for India to become a developed nation by 2020.

A man who proudly confessed that he would wish to be reborn in a developed India.

A man who worked towards achieving the goal and vision he had set.

A man who had inspired millions of people both in India and abroad.

A man revered for his simplicity and his humility.

A man who lives in the heart of all of us.

A sincere and honest SALUTE to you Sir.

RIP (Return If Possible)

Kalam RIP
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