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Sexual abuse in the bus – Chennai, India

Sexual abuse in bus

A Crowded bus in Chennai

My blog titled “A bus journey in Chennai, India – An hour of abuse in route 27c” has received a lot of reviews / comments from people all over the world. In fact it has been statistically proven that it was the most visited blog of mine last year (2015). Click here to read the blog……

In the midst of so many social blogs I write, I was pondering why this blog is receiving so much of traffic and that too from various parts of the world. Well, anyone could infer that these kind of indecorous activities are either prevalent all over the world or India is becoming one hot spot for this.

Recently the Punjab and Haryana court had ordered the state authorities to check any incident of sexual harassment happening in their public transport. Of course this action came only after the loss of a 13 year old girl who jumped of the bus near Punjab fearing molestation by some youth inside the bus. Also who can forget the horrific incident of Nirbhaya in Delhi a few years back who died after fighting a losing battle.

These incidents are grim reminders for us to realize that there are some daemons who are still out at large and preying on young girls and ladies who travel by bus on a daily basis.

Like the Government being ineffective on many public issues, this is yet another needle in the haystack. I recently wrote a poem in Hindi which specifically deals with such abuses and I share with you the catch line of the poem in which a girl says “This is my body and what right do you have on that

Yeh jism hei mera – This is my body!

Is mei hak kya hei tera! – What right you have on this?

Wish the girls/ladies become more brave and courageous to expose these bad elements in the bus.

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