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Health, Wealth and Happiness – This is not a business meeting

A personal invite with the above title in bold, when you are in no mood for business. Well, what’s the hesitation then? I was present bang on for this meeting at ITC Grand Chola on 19th April 2015.

ITC Chola

ITC Grand Chola

Well dressed in traditional attire, the girls in the reception were just a gist of the elaborate arrangements made for the event. Completed my registration, got the welcome kit and skipped the coffee/tea formality and got into the banquet hall at 10:50am to take on a prime location to listen to the speaker. Indian Institute of Excellence (IOE) slipped by 15 minutes and started the program at 11:15am with a prayer song and lighting of the lamp. A very good introduction was given by an experienced compere both in Tamil and fluent English and made us all even more anxious by saying that “you are all here for a purpose today and consider yourself fortunate to be present here on this big occasion”.

With these Impressive introductory phrases the first speaker for the day was invited and it was Dr.V.Chockalingam an eminent Cardiologist who was apparently the Chief Guest too I suppose. He was very humorous in his presentation and gave a lot of information on maintaining a healthy heart. Yes, indeed a lot of information, for which he took 50 minutes longer than his allotted time. He certainly enlightened the audience with a plethora of information relating to the heart. This man deserves a big salute for his 49 years of service to the community and for the time he spared for the event. Many times he was quite satirical in asking the audience “Why do you want to come to me with heart ailment and make me even richer? Why can’t you take care of it?” Well, though it is a good question to ponder, I am sure that he knows it pretty well that it will be almost impossible to abstain from visiting a specialist like him at one’s life time. As the saying goes, “Doctors are bound to be rich and destined to become richer

Audience were becoming a bit restless and more so were the organizers and Mr.Vijay B.P who was supposed to be the hero of the day.  With a lot of reluctance and a few prompts from the organizers, the Doctor agreed to conclude his presentation to give way for the main speaker. With high expectations and applause we greeted the speaker Mr.Vijay who apparently carries with him a lot of experience and expertise. But for me and I presume a lot of others he was an unfamiliar face at that time.

The objective of the whole meeting was to educate the audience on how to lead a healthy life and not go to the Doctor to spend your wealth and thereby lead a happy life. Well the speaker gave lot of tips which were not at all pragmatic. This disappointed me very much and even more was the acknowledgement by the audience (applause) for each such tip. Though I fully understand that these were probably followed by our ancestors and definitely would have some positive effects, I am afraid none of them could be followed / adopted in this modern age.  I even doubt whether the speaker himself could religiously follow these tips.

  1. Do not drink coffee or tea instead drink lime and ginger in hot water with a bit of jaggery

  2. Do not use toothpaste and toothbrush to brush your teeth. Instead use a neem stick or crush some mango leaves and use it as a paste. This is to avoid us eating the plastics involuntarily (Bristles)

  3. Do not drink water while standing

  4. Do not drink water in the middle of having a meal or just before having a meal. Take it either 45 minutes earlier or later. The analogy the speaker gave for this was very convincing.

  5. Try drinking water through a spoon.

  6. Also every time when you drink water gargle and swallow so that it gets mixed with saliva and enriches it further

  7. Do not fold your legs and sit in the sofa or chair as it might affect your blood flow

  8. Always go to bed with your legs tied with a cloth like dupatta so that you do not end up in a posture which might affect your blood flow. Always lie flat on your back.

  9. Use your own saliva to treat your eyes to improve your eye sight as saliva is very powerful provided your oral hygiene is good. This is should be the first saliva when you wake up it seems.

  10. Chew the food consciously on both the sides for easy digestion process

  11. Clap your hands for 15 minutes every day to simulate the acupuncture points.

Well, this may not be the first time you would have listened to such an advice or never even heard about it till now. But the point here is that how can we adopt any of the above in our daily life. My best wishes to people who would like to follow them and reap the benefits, but I could perceive this only as general awareness or information and not something which could be adhered to realize the benefits. They are indeed very impractical to follow. His vision was noble though when he said that he wanted these tips to reach as many people as it can.

Feather in the cap was the lavish and sumptuous lunch.

Hats of to the organizers for organizing something like this at a huge cost in the pretext of “This is not a business meeting”

Raja @ ITC Grand Chola

Raja @ ITC Grand Chola

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