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A lady so brave, she burnt her husband alive – Real Life Story

Did I have the chance to meet this brave lady? Yes, I did.

It was quite a busy Sunday for me on 16th August 2015. After some arduous community work in my apartment I ventured out to get some medicines for my mom in my two-wheeler by around 7:15pm. Little did I know at that time what was going to unfold for me.

Well to my dismay, the front tire in my two-wheeler was flat. Though I could have walked down to the medical shop, I realized my responsibility to fix the tire because it had to be used by my wife the following day. Therefore went to a tire repair shop a few meters away from my house. The shop owner (well-built and rough-looking) curiously gazed not at me but at my tires to see if he is getting some business. I gave a gentle smile and reported on my flat tire.

My bikes tire

Innocent Victim

The guy with broad shoulders started engaging me in a conversation and approached my bike to dismantle the tire. With great ease he did that and went back to his workstation to remove the tube from the tire. A slight breeze brought in a wave of jasmine smell in that place and within no time I could find the source of it. Yes, a young lady, well dressed, just stopped in front of the shop with a small food packet in her hand and humbly asked the shopkeeper if he was interested to dine with her. Promptly but not harshly he said no to the lady who was of course slightly disappointed. She just went past us immediately dangling the food packet in her hand and swinging her arms as if she was walking in a paddy field.

Lady with Jasmine

Lady with Jasmine

The shopkeeper looked at my face and said “Sir, all ladies ought to be like this” and added some more superlatives about her. I was indeed amazed by his flattering remarks on that lady and asked him why do you say so? He replied back saying that “Sir, this lady was so brave enough to burn her husband alive for drinking too much and harassing her” Though I felt that it was a deserving punishment, I was shocked to know the truth that her husband was drinking more than her and she could not tolerate it and hence the punishment. The guy started prating more about her character. (not worth recording in this blog)

Though shocked by this real life story, I was surprised by the way this guy was working his way to remove the tube from the tire while narrating the incident. At one point of time he just took the tire slightly off sight and did something which did of course get my quick attention. When I approached him closely he stood and walked away to the testing spot. Well the result came out that my tube had a big puncture which was not worth fixing it. He then went back to his workstation to inspect the tire and what I witnessed next just blew me up. He showed me a big cut in the center of the tire and blamed it on a glass piece. Now I have got both my tube and the tire condemned.

Tampered Tire

Tampered Tire

Guess what? That real life story of the jasmine lady did the trick here by making me engrossed in the incident and neglecting the cut which he had made in my tire when he took the tire a bit off sight. Well, once I realized this, I questioned him on this and he immediately showered me with all the possible swearing and gave me no room except to get away from that place with my new tire and tube in place. What was supposed to be a puncture ended up with a new tube and a tire with 5 years warranty.

Bringing back the tampered tire home was a solace to me to do some research on it and see how the hell he could have done this to me?. I was made a big fool in front of my eyes proving that there is no discrimination when it comes to “BECOMING A FOOL” be it a man or a woman.

Beware next time.

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